Bob wins awards for FOUR original titles from the Song of the Year contest! 

Check out these multiple wins for Bob’s original tunes from the Song of the Year Songwriting Contest! Bob’s original tune “Twilight Lady” won the finalist award in the “Folk” category in their latest contest, which means it scored in the top-5 of all entrants in the Folk category. Not only that, but three more tunes also won awards: Bob’s tunes “Hope” and “On the Same Day” won Semi-Finalist awards, and “Transistor Radio and Me” won a Runner-Up award. This brings Bob’s total number of songwriting awards to 41 awards, and 24 awarded titles in the past six years.

You can listen to all these tunes on the music page of this site: “Twilight Lady” and “Hope” are from Bob’s latest album “Nowhere Near”, released in September 2023. You can listen to the full album on the “Music” page, too!

Check out the rest of the contest winners and finalists here:

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