International Acoustic Music Awards Finalist  

Congratulations on another songwriting award from the Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA).  Bob’s original song, “Hope”, was awarded a finalist in their 20th Annual IAMA Songwriting Competition.  The contest receives entries from all over the world, with judging by major record labels like Sony/BMG, EMI, Warner, and Universal Music.

Listen to the award-winning song here or on, or on Spotify at this link:  You can check out the other finalists on the IAMA website:

International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist  

Another songwriting award from the International Songwriting Competition (ISC).  Bob was awarded semi-finalist for his original song, “Don’t You Let the Darkness Drag You Down”.  This brings his total awards count to 43.

You can listen to “Don’t You Let the Darkness Drag You Down” here or at Bob’s website:, or on Spotify at

You can find all the semi-finalists in the International Songwriting Competition at


Bob wins awards for FOUR original titles from the Song of the Year contest!  

Check out these multiple wins for Bob’s original tunes from the Song of the Year Songwriting Contest! Bob’s original tune “Twilight Lady” won the finalist award in the “Folk” category in their latest contest, which means it scored in the top-5 of all entrants in the Folk category. Not only that, but three more tunes also won awards: Bob’s tunes “Hope” and “On the Same Day” won Semi-Finalist awards, and “Transistor Radio and Me” won a Runner-Up award. This brings Bob’s total number of songwriting awards to 41 awards, and 24 awarded titles in the past six years.

You can listen to all these tunes on the music page of this site: “Twilight Lady” and “Hope” are from Bob’s latest album “Nowhere Near”, released in September 2023. You can listen to the full album on the “Music” page, too!

Check out the rest of the contest winners and finalists here:

Indie International Songwriting Award - 2023 honorable mention for original tune "Blank Pages"!  

Congratulations on another songwriting award from the Indie International Songwriting Contest! Bob was awarded “honorable mention” for his original tune, “Blank Pages”, bringing his total of original, award-winning songs up to 21, and 37 awards overall.

You can listen to the award-winning tune “Blank Pages” on the music page of this site, or on Spotify at this link:

Listen to the contest’s winning songs and other honorable mentions at this link:

Music Connection Magazine review for "Nowhere Near"  

Out now in the latest issue of Music Connection Magazine, author Eric Harabadian reviewed “Nowhere Near” and has great things to say! 

He writes, “There are a number of artists out there that loosely wear the term “Americana” like a badge. But Davoli is for real and one of its proudest proponents. His blend of folk, country and light blues permeates heartfelt tracks like “Don’t You Think It’s Time,” “Teardrops & Icicles” and “Living in the Shadows”.”

Read the rest of the review at Music Connection Magazine (link:, and listen to the album on the music page of this site, or elsewhere online at this link:

Latest reviews for album "Nowhere Near" 

Check out these reviews for Bob’s latest album Nowhere Near. Jason Savio from the Cape Cod Times and Elise Cady for the “Americana Highways” magazine have very nice things to say, with links to their work below.

Cape Cod Times article via Dropbox link: 

Americana Highways link:

If you haven’t heard the album Nowhere Near yet, take a listen! You can listen on the Music page of this site, Spotify, Amazon Music, and wherever else you get your music.

Live today: "Nowhere Near"! 

Bob’s latest album Nowhere Near is officially out in the world! Please take a listen at this website's Music page, and you can also listen on all major streaming sites by clicking on this link,

Special thanks to Robert Price, Eric Kilburn, and Bob’s wife Eileen for their support in making this album, and of course thanks also to bandmates Marty Ballou, Kevin Barry, Gabriela Martina, Kathleen Parks, Guy Van Duser, and Jesse Williams.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the album, purchase on this website's Shop page, or on Bandcamp (link:, and all proceeds will be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank charitable organization (link: 

Thanks for listening!

Listen now: new original "Don't You Think It's Time"!  

Release day is getting closer all the time: just one week until the release of Bob’s fifth and latest album, titled Nowhere Near! The album will be live on Friday September 8, 2023, and if you want to buy a copy, all proceeds will be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank. (link:

Here's a second teaser from the album; take a listen to Bob’s original song “Don't You Think It's Time”.

The song is performed by Bob on vocals and guitar, Kathleen Parks on vocals and violin, Marty Ballou on string bass and Kevin Barry on electric guitar.

Listen by pressing the “play” button below, or at SoundCloud by clicking on this link, and just one week for the full album release on Friday, September 8!

New music alert - teaser track for upcoming album "Nowhere Near", releasing on Friday September 8!  

New music is on the horizon for Bob Davoli! We are pleased to announce the release of his fifth and latest album, titled “Nowhere Near”, scheduled for release on Friday September 8, 2023!

As a preview of some of the album’s new, original tunes, take a listen to “Wind and Water”. This song was written by Bob, and is performed by Bob on vocals, accompanied by Kathleen Parks on vocals and violin, Guy Van Duser on nylon-string guitar, and Jesse Williams on string bass. 

Listen to the tune below, or at SoundCloud by clicking on this link, and the album will stream everywhere on September 8!

Songwriting win for tune "Fallen King of the Cool"!  

Another songwriting-contest win for Bob’s original song: “Fallen King of the Cool”! The tune placed as a semi-finalist in the 2023 Unsigned Only songwriting contest, in the Folk/singer-songwriter category. This song was released on Bob’s album “Still Sitting Backstage”, and rose to the top 1,000 slots, with over 6,000 entrants to this contest.

You can listen to the tune on the music page of this site, also on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and other streaming sites.

Contest Finalists and winners will be announced in the coming weeks – you can see them all at this link, and good luck to all!