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Semi-Finalist in 2022 Unsigned Only Songwriting Contest 

Congratulations to Bob for earning the “Semi-Finalist” award from the 2022 Unsigned Only Songwriting Contest, for his original song “Don’t You Let the Darkness Drag You Down”! Over 7,000 entrants into the contest were whittled down by jury selection to reach the semi-final stage. Finalists will be announced in the coming weeks. This is the 2nd songwriting award Bob has received in 2022 for his original music. 

You can listen to the tune on this website on the Music page, or on Spotify or Apple Music, and you can check out the rest of the contest semi-finalists here:

Featured this week: "Don't You Let the Darkness Drag You Down" in the Great River Folk Festival (Wisconsin) 

Great news out of Wisconsin, Bob’s original song “Don’t You Let the Darkness Drag You Down” is featured in this week’s Great River Folk Festival blog post highlighting entrants to their annual songwriting contest. Here’s hoping Bob qualifies to perform at the festival in August! 
Check out other featured songwriters at their blog here, and good luck to all contestants!

Interview with Paul Howard of Music Mecca website for "Hello Out There" 

Check out Bob’s interview with Paul Howard for the website Music Mecca, about Bob’s April album release “Hello Out There”: 

Read on to learn more about the making of the album, and you can listen to the album on the music page of this site, Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming sites.

Out now: "Hello Out There" album review in Music Connection Magazine 

Out now: the May 2022 Music Connection Magazine, with an album review for “Hello Out There”!

Music critic Eric Harabadian gives the album a 9 out of 10 stars, writing: “From the war veteran lament “Sam Stone” to the aging tome “Hello in There,” Davoli’s earthy and temporal vocals set the stage and suit the songs perfectly.” 

Read the rest of the review on page 48 of the digital magazine at, linked here:

Interview with Elise Cady, Americana Highways, about "Hello Out There"! 

Check out my interview with Elise Cady at Americana Highways, where we talk through what led me to create my most recent album, "Hello Out There".

You can read the whole interview by following this link to the Americana Highways website:

Plus, the album “Hello Out There” is out today! Give it a listen on the music page of this site, and on all major streaming services, check it out by clicking on this link:

We're live! Out today: "Hello Out There", my tribute to John Prine 

Today is the day! My latest album, “Hello Out There”, a tribute to the late John Prine, is out everywhere today. Listen on the music tab of this website (, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and elsewhere via this link:

Thanks to my bandmates Kevin Barry, Kathleen Parks, and Jesse Williams for their tremendous musicianship creating this album, and to Eric Kilburn at Wellspring Sound for engineering. If you would like to purchase a copy, all sale proceeds are donated to the Food Not Bombs organization. I hope you enjoy listening!

Out everywhere today: the single "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" 

What did John Prine mean to you? John narrated his poignant vignettes with a plain-spoken and plaintive voice — and his imagery was so compelling that you could clearly see his characters in your mind’s eye. “‘Speed of the Sound of Loneliness’ exemplifies how keen was John Prine’s imagination. Using imagery, he cleverly juxtaposed a phenomenon, the speed of sound, with an emotion, angst. 

My John Prine tribute album, 'Hello Out There,' will be released on April 8. Out now is my rendition of “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" is streaming everywhere. I hope you enjoy it! Click here to listen:

Semi-finalist in the 2021 International Songwriting Competition 

Not only is Bob releasing a single from his upcoming album Hello Out There today, but two of his original tunes have just been awarded semi-finalists in the 2021 International Songwriting Contest in the folk/singer-songwriter category! The ISC received more than 21,000 entries, and semi-finalists make up only 11% of all entries, so this is a remarkable achievement! 

The songs are "Romancing the Ruins", and “Chestnuts and Love”. This marks the first time these songs have been awarded, and the 22nd award for Bob’s original songs in the last four years. 

You can hear these songs on the music page of this site, Spotify, and Apple Music. 

Winners will be announced in a few weeks. You can check out the other winners on the ISC website:

Single Release day: February 25, 2022: "Sam Stone" 

Out today! From Americana Highways for Bob's new album "Hello Out There", by Melissa Clarke (find the full write-up at 
Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Bob Davoli’s interpretation of John Prine’s song “Sam Stone.”  The song will be on Davoli’s new album, "Hello Out There", due out on April 8 via Gutbrain Records. "Hello Out There" was produced by Bob Davoli; engineered and mixed by Eric Kilburn of Wellspring Sound; and mastered by Toby Mountain of Northeastern Digital. Bob Davoli plays a James Olson guitar, Model SJ. 
This version of “Sam Stone” is Kevin Barry on dobro; Bob Davoli on lead vocals and guitar; and Jesse Williams on bass. It’s a lovely tribute, with Davoli’s vulnerable and lovely vocals. 
“Sam Stone” is a quintessential John Prine narrative song. It poignantly tells the story of a troubled veteran ravaged by a senseless war. His use of imagery and metaphor are exemplary, enabling the listener to feel and imagine the plight of the veteran. What’s more, John told this complete story in only four minutes with only three verses. The power of simplicity has always been a hallmark of Prine’s writing. — Bob Davoli 

Listen to the track here:
Order/pre-save link: