From the recording Nowhere Near

Music and lyrics by Steve Glover

Bob Davoli: vocals and guitar, Kathleen Parks: vocals and violin


He let his hygiene slide a little
He’s kind of pudgy round the middle
He’s not the man I had in my plan,
But I love him anyway

She’s boiling hot and freezing next, and
It’s been years since we’ve had sex
Twice a week now’s a peck on the cheek
But I know I’ll always stay

Dreams of age, dreams of youth,
Dreams that often tell the truth
Dreams that still remind us when we fall
Tarnished dreams need polishing that’s all

He says he could have been a contender
There are the parts he likes to remember
He cherry picks his greatest hits in life

She would have loved to dance
She could never take the chance
That chance is lost she paid the cost
She’s a mother and a wife

Dreams of youth, dreams of age
Dreams that help us turn the page
Dreams that seem to answer when we call
Yeah, tarnished dreams need polishing that’s all

Though our dreams have been diminished
They’re the guardians of our past
Like a play that’s never finished
We just need a second act

We’re not sure just where time went
We’re still trying to re-invent ourselves
Stay kind and curious

Most things turned out like we planned
We’re still walking hand in hand
Still a bit of time before we die

Dreams of love, dreams of truth,
Time to polish time to dust
Time to sweep the cobwebs from the walls
Cause tarnished dreams need polishing that’s all
Yeah, tarnished dreams need polishing that’s all
That’s all